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We pride ourselves in giving mares specialized care and attention they deserve for bringing the next generation of athletes into the world. We truly care about the mare and foal she is creating. Here at First Flight Farm, our personal mares are bred by owner, Tricia Veley. She has had over 10 years of experience in ultra-sounding and breeding with a high percentage of fertility success. For client mares, mares with uterine infections and infertility issues we use only Dr. Benjamin Espy, a Board certified Theriogenologist (equine reproduction and infertility specialist) veterinarian, one of only four such specialists in the entire State of Texas.  All of the ultrasound scanning and insemination breeding procedures for client mares are performed and invoiced by Dr. Espy.  He utilizes our excellent facilities, and top-of-the-line breeding lab equipment with the assistance of our staff (on site 24/7) to provide the best possible service and successful results for our breeding clients.

Our facility offers a calm environment that strives to make a mare as comfortable as possible during the Artificial  Insemination process. We offer:


We put all mares that are being palpated in stocks for safety of both the mare and person palpating them. 
We have a bucket of treats on hand to help nervous mares feel more comfortable.


Includes hay, grain, feeding of supplements, blanketing as needed, daily turn-out and handling for all breeding related circumstances.



Progesterone & Estrogen injections to synchronize mare cycles
Deslorelin injections to coordinate ovulation time
Artificial Insemination (Fresh/Frozen Semen)
Embryo Transfers
Frozen Semen Storage
Broodmare Boarding