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In the great state of Texas there are very few barns that allow pregnant mares or mare & foal pairs to board. Few veterinarians are willing to do it because it ties up stall space, and providing this service requires 24 hour staffing as broodmares often foal in the middle of the night! 

Boarding stables are usually very busy places with lots of people and horse activity, not exactly a low stress, peaceful environment for a pregnant mare.  Boarding facilities are also generally not equipped to deal with a mare and foal, and most do not have large enough stalls, separate pasture, or turnout areas they are willing to dedicate to them.

Having a foal-proof safe environment is very important during the first few months of a foal’s life.  Foals are often mischievious by nature and need to interact with other foals to learn proper herd behavior.  Foals, like children in a play group, would prefer to play with other foals. They largely leave the older horses alone.  If foals are put out with only older horses, they are often seriously hurt when they get bored and attempt to pester the wrong adult horse.  Like most parents, the mares certainly appreciate a little down time as well, so both benefit from a living arrangement where they have the company of other mares and foals.

We have the facility, the staff and the experience and we have been told many times we are quite good at what we do!